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  Calendar for 2017
January 2017  
04 Business Meeting. Clear out storage closet for new equipment.
11 Member Photo Presentation. Up to 3 members, 30 minutes each. Member suggestions for the club.
18 Member Photo Presentation, calendar suggestions
25 General discussion about photography. Members show recent photos
February 2017  
01 Member Photo Critique.   Bring in photos from the model shoot and any other photos you want critiqued.  Maximum 3 photos for critique.
08 Night Photo Shoot.  Brooklyn Bridge.
15 Members meet at Grand Central Station at 6 PM for an evening photo shoot.
22 Member photos of Grand Central Station displayed. General photography discussion
March 2017  
01 Member photos displayed. General photography questions discussed.
08 Calendar discussion. Member photos displayed.
15 Calendar review. Member photos displayed and critiqued. General photography discussion. Members select photo assignemts.
22 Slideshow software demonstration. Creation of slideshows will be discussed.
29 Presentation - Exposure, how your camera measurers light and how to correct for errors.
April 2017  
05 Table Top photo shoot. Bring in objects to be photographed and light sources.
12 Table top photo review. Day photo trip ideas to be discussed.
19 Assignment photo review. Slideshow software presentation.
26 Model Shoot. Bring in your camera
May 2017  
03 Presentation. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Model photo review.
10 Photo assignment review and selection of new assignment. Display of recent member photos.
17 Presentation. Macro photography by Mervin.
24 Member Photo Critique.Members bring in photos for critique.
31 Photo assignment review and new assignment selection. General photography discussion.
June 2017  
07 Presentation, Basic photography and camera useage. Member photo related questions answered.  Bring in your camera. Mid-year dinner location selection.
14 Photo assignment reviewed, new assignment selected. General photography discussion.
21 Outside photo shoot. Destination TBD.
28 Mid-year dinner.