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Brooklyn Camera Club History

The following is a short History of the Brooklyn Camera Club from its beginning as the Brooklyn Photographic Society, Brooklyn Academy of Photography, through its first few years as the Brooklyn Camera Club. It is written with the original wording of the reporter that was used in the newspaper articles of that day.

Brooklyn Photographic Society Established 1864

Another society for the promotion of the art has been added to the institutions of Brooklyn. The photographic art is perhaps not so generally appreciated in America as in France, England and Germany, where it has made the study and entertainment of art-loving and scientific  amateurs.

Officers - President - Nicholas Pike
Vice President - W. E. James
Recording Secretary - W. E. Swanton
Corresponding Secretary - N. G. Burgess
Treasurer - Charles H. Williamson

December 7, 1864 - A regular meeting was held by this association, last evening, at   the  Brooklyn Institute, Mr. W. E. James, Vice President, in the chair. Mr. Gabriel Harrison read with admirable effect, a well-written paper entitled, Helio or Photography in the Natural Colors. It was full of beauty and artistic thought and elicited the hearty applause of the meeting.

July 6, 1865 - A regular meeting of the Brooklyn  Photographic Society was held, last evening, at Williamson’s Gallery, No. 215 Fulton Street, the President , Nicholas Pike, in the chair and L. Halsey secretary pro-tem. In the absence of Mr. Swanton, the Secretary, reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with. The question of renting rooms for the use of the society having been raised.

August 3, 1865 - Gentlemen of the Brooklyn Photographic Society - It is my duty and pleasure to present to you a brief review of the transactions of our society during the past year, the first year of its existence.

Brooklyn Academy of Photography Established 1887

March 24, 1887 - The organization began as the Brooklyn Academy of Photography and the                 certificate of incorporation has been filed with the county clerk’s office.

Headquarters - 177 Montique Street
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Officers - President - Wallace Goold Levison
First Vice President - Frank La Manna
Second Vice President - James Lefforts Cornell
Corresponding Secretary - W. Dodge
Recording Secretary - Adrian V. Martense
Treasurer - George B. Brainerd

April 7, 1887 - The Brooklyn Academy of Photography has been fully organized by the election of its officers.

June 23, 1887 - The summer meeting of the Brooklyn Academy of Photography was held at the residence of Mr. G. Poey, 52 St. Marks Avenue, last night. Members have been appointed to draw up a memorial of the late George B. Brainard, who was treasure of the academy, and who died  on April 14.    

November 10, 1887 - At the last meeting of the Brooklyn Academy of Photography, one of the most important organizations for the advancement of the wonderful Art in America, Vice President Frank La Manna read an original and valuable contribution on “Instantaneous Exposures and their measurement”. The paper was profusely illustrated by photographs projected on a screen through the medium of a calcium light lantern.

July 15, 1891 - The Brooklyn Photographic Society joined with the Brooklyn Academy of Photography, becoming one organization.

April 15, 1894 - There is a good deal of discussion in the society over a proposed change of name. Some of the members think it would be a good idea to drop the ornate title Academy of Photography and call the organization the Brooklyn Camera Club. It is argued by those who support the suggestion that the present title cumbersome and awkward, and that the new name would be more descriptive of the work of the society.

The Brooklyn Camera Club Established 1896   

Headquarters - 776 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Officers - President - Henry B. Smith
Vice President - David C. Holton M.D.
Secretary - George B. Smith
Treasurer - Wm, H. Davis

February 3, 1900 - The Brooklyn Camera Club of Brooklyn, N.Y. has been incorporated with the Secretary of State, to advance the art of photography. Its directors for the first year are David C. Holton, J. Green Allen, Paul V. Lawrence, George P Griffing, Wallas Tiebolt and R. Henry Carr.

April 16, 1900 - The Brooklyn Camera Club whose rooms are at 776 Manhattan Ave has had a very interesting collection of amateur photographs on exhibition for the past week.

March 8, 1901 - The annual election of club officers and directors where held last night in the club rooms.

December 22, 1901 - The photographic exhibition of the Brooklyn Camera Club closed last evening at its rooms at 776 Manhattan Avenue. The exhibition opened on Thursday evening and each evening the rooms were thronged with the friends of exhibitors.

January 31, 1902 - A regular meeting of the Brooklyn Camera Club was held last night at 776 Manhattan Avenue. The work done by members during the fall was exhibited.

July 9, 1902 - Members returned home late last night after a delightful trip to Verona Lake, New Jersey. They spent the day taking numerous pictures.

November 2, 1902 - The Brooklyn Camera Club held one of its best exhibitions of lantern slides at their rooms at  776 Manhattan Avenue. Many plates of an interesting nature, taken in various parts of the state were exhibited.

November 28, 1902 - At the rooms of the Brooklyn Camera Club, 776 Manhattan Avenue. Delegates met and formed the League of Long Island Photographic Clubs with Edwin O. Forbohm as President and John J. Tresidder as Secretary, both from the Brooklyn Camera Club.

December 27, 1902 - There are to be three exhibitions - two at the studio of the department of photography 201 Montique Street where on January 8, exchange slides from the Brooklyn Camera Club will be shown and on January 2, photographic prints made by members and friend of the department, and one on philately.